Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dance on Saturday Sept. 21!!

First Dance of the Semester!

Hello contra dancers!  We're starting up the Wesleyan Contra Dance again, for the new academic year.

Our first contra dance of the year will be this SATURDAY September 21st. 
Yes, a Saturday dance at Wes!!
The dance will still be held from 8-11pm in Beckham Hall on Wyllys Ave.

For this month's dance the band will be Mavish - made up of Adam Broome and Jaige Trudel from Crowfoot. The caller will be George Marshall.

It should be a great night of dancing!! Bring your friends or make new ones. All the dances will be taught. The dance is free as always, but donations are welcome to pay for sound equipment and other dance expenses.

Our schedule for this semester is Sat. September 21, Friday October 25, and Friday December 6. There is no November dance.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall 2013 Contra Dances at Wesleyan

Welcome back to campus!!  We're looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor this semester!  We have three dances scheduled this fall:

September 21
Band: Mavish (Adam Broome and Jaige Trudel from the band Crowfoot)
Caller: George Marshall (from Wild Asparagus and Swallowtail)
(Yes, this is a SATURDAY.  That's not our normal day for a dance, but we wanted to get this fabulous band here, and this was the one date that fit into their schedule.)

October 25
(Back to our normal Friday)
We don't have a band or caller scheduled yet, but don't worry, we'll find excellent folks soon.

December 6
(Also a Friday, and the last day of classes)
Band: Velocipede (a hot new band out of New Hampshire, that has been getting lots of great press!)
Caller: Luke Donforth (formerly of Hartford, now living in Burlington VT.  He's a Wesleyan favorite!)

See you all soon! 

(And for any undergraduates out there who are especially enthusiastic about our contra dances -- we're always looking for more folks to be a part of the committee that puts on these dances.  Talk to Veronica Lumbantoruan or Ali Rosenberg if you'd like to get involved.)