Sunday, September 13, 2009

Balfa Toujours comes to Wesleyan!

We're starting the year off with a BANG

Our first event: dance party with Balfa Toujours!
Friday September 18th 10:30 Beckham Hall

Preceded by a concert at Crowell Concert Hall, 8:00. Get your tickets at

Preceded by a dance workshop at 4:30, pick up a little two-step and waltz. Not at all a pre-requisite for the dance, just some extra info for the curious.

Thanks to the CFA for sponsoring an entire night of wonderful Cajun music!
If you're curious about Balfa Toujours, check out their website, or this video:

Hope to see you there! As always, feel free to email with questions or suggestions.

PS Save these dates for upcoming contra dances: October 2nd, November 13th, December 11th.

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